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Nefarious Presentism

Nefarious Presentism ***

Directed and Produced by Jonathan Tallant and David Ingram

Reviewed by Moofe Lurver for Stationary Rock

In this darkly satirical film we are faced with a dystopian post-truth reality in which claims can be true even if nothing in the world makes them so. We follow the main character, ‘Nefarious’, who witnesses the fall of science and the rise of authoritarianism as truth becomes a matter for those who control what are known as ‘the primitive tense operators’. Those with the power to control the operators, control what is true, and what not. As corporations and the religious right get into the business of truth-control, scientific enquiry is banned, and religious and right-wing ideology become prevalent. By the end of the film, Nefarious has been murdered for (falsely) saying that Jesus was not the CEO of a company that specialised in clubbing baby seals for pelt. Not for the faint hearted, three stars.

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