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The Centre for Time is an interdisciplinary centre at the intersection of psychology, physics and philosophy.

The Centre was established in 2002, supported by the Australian Research Council and the University of Sydney, in conjunction with a Federation Fellowship awarded to Professor Huw Price In 2012 the directors of the Centre were awarded a John Templeton grant, which facilitated the work of the Centre over the next years.  Since 2015 The Centre has been funded by a series of Australian Research Council grants in conjunction with the support of the University of Sydney.


In 2013 the Centre for Time, alongside the Philosophy of Time Society and the Centre for the Philosophy of Time together created the International Association for the Philosophy of Time  (IAPT).  The IAPT brings together researchers from Australasia, Europe, and the US to investigate the nature of time and temporal experience.

The Directors


Alex is professor in psychology at the University of Sydney.  He is interested in how the architecture of the mind affects our representations of the past, present, and future.

He runs experiments to reveal how streams of visual information are buffered and prioritized for recognition and processing into memory.


Kristie is a professor in philosophy at the University of sydney. She works principally in metaphysics, often at the intersection of metaphysics and psychology, on the nature of space and time. 

Currently, she is running experiments into the way people think about and represent time.


Dean is a professor in history and philosophy of science at the University of Sydney 

Dean's primary research focus is the foundations of quantum gravity research, including the connections between approaches to quantum gravity and the nature of time.He is interested in the connections between a completed theory of quantum gravity, and an amount of the nature of time. 

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