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Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

Our current projects seminar series runs every Thursday @ 3.00 until 4.30. Speakers include members of the centre and affiliates, as well as international researchers. The series showcases works in progress. To receive email alerts for each seminar, see how to sign up for the Sydphil mailing list here.

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The centre frequently runs small, specialised workshops on various aspects of the nature of time and our experience thereof.

We will be running an interdisciplinary workshop some time in September on temporal processing.


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To see previous workshops we have run, visit our archive here


The Centre runs various conferences each year. Every year there is an international conference run as part of our membership of the International Association for he Philosophy of Time. Further details can be found here

We are hoping to run a conference towards the end of this year on temporal ontology and time bias.

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