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2022 Visitors and Events

April to July, Emanuel Viebahn

Emanuel is a 2022 Andersen Visiting Fellow.  He is a lecturer inI am a lecturer in philosophy at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. My main research interests lie in the philosophy of language and communication and in metaphysics. He is currently working on  the theoretical, ethical and empirical aspects of insincere communication, on issues in metasemantics, semantics and pragmatics and on the philosophy of time and modality. He is also interested in topics in aesthetics, the history of analytic philosophy and the philosophy of science. 

August, Matt Duncan 

Matt is an assistant professor at Rhode Island College. working in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. 

July to September, Helen Beebee 

Helen is a visiting Andersen fellow. She is Professor at Leeds University. She works on the metaphysics of causation, free will, and laws of nature, in the philosophy of science, and on Hume. 


The centre frequently runs small, specialised workshops on various aspects of the nature of time and our experience thereof.

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Self and Time Workshop

May 19-20 

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May 19: 

 9.00-10.15 Natalja Deng: comments by Brigitte Everett


‘Time, Grounding, and Esoteric Metaphysics' 


10-15-11.30 Wen Yu


"Personites and Prudential/Moral Units".


11.30-12.45 Emanuel Viebahn


"Temporal assertions, temporal indexicals and the direction of time" 


 May 20: 

 9.00-10.15 Jordan Lee-Tory


"Time and alethic openness"

 10.15-11.30 Akiko Frischhut

 "Awareness Without Time: Meditation and the Value of Being in the Present."


11.30-12.45  Naoyuki Kajimoto:  comments by Shira Yechomovitz


"Revisionalism of temporal passage."


The Centre runs various conferences each year. Every year there is an international conference run as part of our membership of the International Association for he Philosophy of Time. Further details can be found here

We are hoping to run a conference towards the end of this year on temporal ontology and time bias.

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