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Can time flow at different rates? The differential passage of A-ness ***

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Written and Produced by Kristie Miller and James Norton

Reviewed by Moofe Lurver for Stationary Rock

In this high-octane film about A-ness racing we follow the two main characters, Faster and Slower. Both Faster and Slower are members of NAP, an underground A-ness racing group. NAP meet on the deserted streets of Phoenix and there they race. And boy do they race. Faster and Slower are each vying to have the fastest A-ness time. As the names suggest, Faster has so far been out A-nessing Slower. We follow Faster and Slower as they try all the tricks in the book for souping up their A-ness passage. At one point Slower even invests in some discrete space-time, reasoning that there will be fewer space-time points to traverse. But Faster is, perhaps unsurprisingly, already working out a new topology that will allow him to pass into A-ness that much faster.

This film is full of thrills, spills, and, of course, A-nesses. If you liked fast and furious, then this is definitely the film for you. Three stars.

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