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Empirical Incoherence and Double Functionalism***

Written and Directed by Sam Baron

Review by S Fichten for Stationary Rock

This new thriller by Sam Baron follows a whistle-blower, known only as EI, in his struggle to unmask dodgy practices at the company—Double Functionalism—at which he works.

Double Functionalism produces space-time. In fact, it has cornered the market. As demand for space-time has risen sharply, so too regulation of the spacetime industry has diminished.

EI begins to realise that all is not as it seems. The space-time they are creating doesn’t look like it can be the product of the ingredients they are using. Instead, he discover, the company has been using sub-standard ingredients and producing sub-standard space-time: a spacetime that is unstable, and which ceases to exhibit spatiotemporal properties in a range of conditions. The product is not fit for purpose. As EI puts it, “At best, (he warns the company) this is approximate space-time. Just because it can mimic space-time under certain conditions, doesn’t mean we should sell it.”

And so begins a game of cat and mouse between EI and Double Functionalism, as EI tries to blow the whistle, and Double Functionalism does whatever it can to prevent him doing so. Queue lawyers, black ops teams, and a few car chases. The film is a lot of fun, even if there are a few plot holes along the way. Three stars.

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