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Fragmentalist Presentist Perdurantism ****

Produced and Directed by Samuele Iaquinto

Reviewed by A. Filem Wänker for Uniformity

This delightfully funny comedy follows the small country of Ausgefuckt. After a general election the major party—the Eternalists—fail to gain a majority. The three minor parties, the Fragmentalists, the Presentists and the Perdurantists, jointly hold enough seats to form a coalition and take power. What ensues is, of course, a complete disaster as three very different parties with very different priorities and world-views, attempt to work together to run Ausgefuckt. The Fragmentalists refuse to allow that there is any coherent overarching set of legislations, insisting that laws cannot simply compatibly be put together to form a coherent legal structure. The Presentists argue that the Perdurantists should only have a fraction of a vote each, since each of them is only partly present, and the Perdurantists argue that the Presentists should abstain from voting, since they think there are no future people about whose interests we can reason. The Fragmentalists and the Presentists both think that with the Perdurantists around, there is no hope of genuine change. The film ends with parliament being dissolved, with the three minor parties still squabbling. Four stars.

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