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Objective Becoming: In Search of A-ness ****

Written and Directed by Lisa Leininger

Reviewed by A. Filem Wänker for Uniformity

In this surrealist exploration of identity politics, we follow the main character, known only as Skow. Skow self-identifies as A-ness, and he aims, ultimately, to become A-ness. The depiction of Skow raises a host of questions about identification, belonging, and becoming. What does it take to become someone, or, indeed, some thing? Is identifying as A-ness all it takes to become A-ness? How, in the end, do we become who we want to be? We follow Skow, witnessing what are, at times, difficult conversations and gut-wrenching decisions as Skow wrestles with what it is to find, and become, A-ness.

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