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Presentism and the Myth of Passage


Directed and Produced by Lisa Leininger

Reviewed by S. Fichtchen for Time In

In this black comedy we find that God, an all-powerful deity, has created the universe a moment ago with all the appearances as of there being a past. Not only that, but God has created a bunch of ‘truthmakers’ for past claims, even though the things those claims are about, never happened. A satire about the modern condition, we find that as the film unfolds there are those who, blinded by religious adherence, accept that those past-tensed claims are true, even though the things they describe never happened. These ‘truthists’ as they are known, come into conflict with the ‘falsists’ who say that because the past was no way, the so-called past-tensed truths are not truths at all, regardless of God’s creating ‘truthmakers’ for them. Soon the truthists and falsists at war over things that both agree never happened. This is a contemporary comedy, so don’t expect many belly laughs. It’s dark, and not suitable for the kids. Three stars.

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