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Space-time Emergence in Quantum Gravity ****

Written and Directed by Baptise Le Bihan

Reviewed by Woke A.F. for The Gordian

This film is an exploration of Lacanian psychoanalysis, and the crippling effects of ‘the gaze’. A modern day take on Adam and Eve, we begin in, metaphorically, the garden of QG where life is simple and peaceful. But then, for reasons that are beyond their ken, the energy levels in QG plummet, and something new emerges: space-time. From then on, gone is simplicity of life in QG. Now there are invariant spatio-temporal distances between located beables. There is observation. And with observation comes the gaze. Those in QG begin to experience the anxiety wrought from coming both to observe themselves, and to recognise that they are subject to the observations of others: to see themselves as local beables. A nuanced tale of the consequences of self-awareness and the awareness of the other. Four stars.

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