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The Growing Block's Past Problems

The Growing Block’s Past Problems *

Produced and Directed by Graeme A Forbes

Reviewed by Moofe Lurver for Stationary Rock

As a massive fan of Zombie gore, I was really looking forward to this newest release from Forbes. Unfortunately, the film is a bit of a let down. The special effects are anodyne, to say the least. It is near impossible to figure out which of the characters are zombies, and which are not. There are no grey-skinned ghouls here, flesh falling off and oozing mush, tearing your ordinary Jo limb from limb. Indeed, at times I wasn’t even sure if the zombies knew they were zombies. This is less gore-fest, and more everyday walk in the park. If you need somewhere to take the kids for the afternoon, this is entirely suitable, but if you want a true zombie romp, this is not for you. One star.

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