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The Paradoxes of Time Travel

Cult Classic

l ****

Produced and Directed by David Lewis

Reviewed by S. Fichtchen for Time In

There’s a lot to like about this science fiction feature by David Lewis. It’s a rollicking tale of time traveller, Tim, who travels back in time in order to murder his grandfather. The script is tightly written, and the special effects are excellent. But there are a couple of places where the film lets its audience down. We’re never given much insight into Tim’s character. Why is he so keen to kill his grandfather? What transpired between the two? While the performance of Tortured But Attractive (also known for his work as the character of ‘I’ in John Perry’s Essential Indexical) as the angry Tim is brilliant, there is an empty core at the heart of the character. There are also some plot difficulties. Where did that banana skin in the crucial scene come from? It didn’t appear to be there earlier. Even taking that into consideration, this is a great film for a rainy Sunday afternoon. 4 stars.

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