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The Self and the Future

Cult Classic

The Self and the Future **

Written and Produced by Bernard Williams

Reviewed by S. Fichtchen for Time In

Reviewing cult classics is tough. They are, after all, classics, and many people love this film. I am not among them. To be sure, this is classic horror meets psychological thriller. A man is kidnapped and tortured. Not happy to simply physically torture him, his kidnapper tells him that he will first wipe various of his memories, beliefs, desires and values, and replace them with new apparent memories, beliefs, desire and values. Mental torture followed by physical torture. I had the feeling that somewhere in amongst all that violence was a film that was trying to say something about what it takes to be the person we are, and what, in the end, we are capable of surviving. But for me, it was all lost in the incredible amount of blood and gore. If this is your cup of tea you will, no doubt, love it. But for me, this was two stars.

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