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Time Travel and the Immutability of the Past ****

Written and Directed by Giacomo Andreoletti and Giuliano Torrengo

Reviewed by A Moofe Lurver for Stationary Rock

This devastatingly sad story follows the main character, Baron Loss; Loss by name, loss by nature. Loss has had a difficult run of things. His parents both died in a car accident when he was 12. Some years later his new wife and their small child drown in a kayaking accident. Loss’s successful business fails after the death of his wife, and he eventually loses his house. The film begins some years after this, with a homeless Loss living on the streets. Then enters a somewhat shadowy company that is developing time travel technology. They want human subjects (or participants, and they call them) to test their technology, and, unsurprisingly, they choose homeless people who, they reason, won’t be missed if all does not go to plan. Loss has nothing to lose.

And so begins the tragic tale of Loss’s return to the past, as he repeatedly travels back in time again and again trying to save his parents, his wife, and his child. Over and over he witnesses both of the accidents. Over and over he tries to avert them. And over and over he fails. Doomed from the very beginning, we follow Loss as he relives some of the worst days of his life, repeatedly trying to make things other than in fact they are.

For those who like a happy ending this is definitely not the film for you. As an examination of our deep desires to change what has been, to rewrite our histories, and to make things other than they are, this is truly moving. Four Stars.

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