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What Becomes of a Causal Set****

Written and Directed by Christian Wüthrich and Craig Callender

Reviewed by A. Filem Wänker for Uniformity

In this film the audience is plunged into the inner working of a cult known as The Causal Set. The cult, originally founded by affluent movers and shakers (hence The Causal Set), has over the last decade shifted to become a haven for those who want to ‘Become’.

Becoming is a quasi-religious phenomenon, in which through breathing exercises and meditation participants learn to push themselves into the future and out of their Now, creating what are known as new atoms of being.

Becoming is the goal of the new Causal Set. Like all good cults, however, The Causal Set is riven with disagreements about dogma. Some prefer what they call Localised Becoming. This individualist view of Becoming has it that each of us is our own atom, and each of us must, alone, and locally, Become. Localists about Becoming insist that each member of the cult must focus on their own local Becoming. By contrast, Globalists about Becoming argue that Becoming is something that we all do, or none of us do: we must, jointly Become.

The film follows the two protagonists, one a Local Becomist and one a Global Becomist, as they navigate the politics of the Causal Set, all the while trying to achieve Becoming.

This is a thoughtful film about our shared desire for religious fulfilment and inter-personal connection, and the very different ways we go about achieving those things. Four Stars.

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